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"WOW! just WOW! I´m crying here! I LOVE them!" - Maria N.

Horse and Rider

This is where your connection and bond with your horse has a place to shine. These are photo shoots with your horse(s) either at your barn, a friend's farm or in a nearby horse -friendly open space. 

And if you don't want to spend any time in front of the camera that's perfectly fine, we can make it all about your horse! 

 These sessions are perfect if:

~ you have a horse you adore and want to remember always

~ you're a horse-crazy graduating senior

~ you have a beloved retiree

~ you're looking for a unique and perfect gift Rough Coat Photography offers gift certificates. Get them as an amazing gift for your wife, girlfriend etc.,   Or maybe you want to go together with your barn mates and do something extra special for the manager/owner.  

Championship Ribbon Session


4 hours

100 high resolution images

Blue Ribbon Session


2 hours

50 high resolution digital images

Red Ribbon Session


1.5 hours

25 high resolution digital images

Yellow Ribbon Session


1 hour

15 high resolution digital images

-After you book a session you get my


It's brimming with helpful information such as:

-what to wear

-hair and makeup tips

-preparing your horse

-what to expect at the session 

-a final checklist to help keep you organized

-a short questionnaire to help me get to know you and your horse 

It's helpful even if your shoot doesn't include a horse, you just skip over a page and a few bullet points.  

A Bit More Info...

-I shoot in what's called the golden hour, approximately 1-2 hours before sunset. I make it fun, natural and relaxed for everyone. I have a lot of tricks to make your horse look his or her best, and everything is done with the horse's comfort and happiness as priority #1.

- What if it rains? I check the forecast a few days before your session and contact you if we have to reschedule.  But lucky for us that cloudy and moody skies are as equally beautiful as blue ones, as well as everything in between. 

-I carefully select the images you receive, making sure you get a mix of what we captured together and choosing the best of the best.-All digital images are emailed to you via a link, no cd's or flash drives.

- 6% PA sales tax added to all sessions.

- All session fees include personal usage - commercial usage rights must be negotiated separately.

-Travel is $15/hour from zip code 17545 -All sessions photographed in natural light

-Check, cash or paypal accepted.

-All members of the U. S. military and their families will receive a discount for private photo shoots. This applies to active duty, retired, national guard and reserve personnel.

-Copyright for all images remains the sole property of Valerie Buller and Rough Coat Photography. All rights reserved.

I'm a horse photographer based in Lancaster, PA and love to travel,

meet new horses and the people who love them.

As a lifelong rider I get that unique connection we have with our horses;

it's that bond I want to capture.

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Lancaster PA  

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